Sunday, 9 September 2012

UltraSpirit Charity Run and other training stuff

Again two weeks since I’ve updated my blog, and in that time there has been a bit of charity eventing happening (as well as the usual training).

Training – I’ve been a bit lazy, work’s been a bit full on and the training dairy had a “recovery week no fast running”, if only they knew, with me there is no such thing as “fast running”. I did take the recovery week a little literal and did a 6km run on the Wednesday in preparation for the UltraSpirit charity event I was running on the Saturday. Should probably have done another 5/6km effort in there somewhere, couldn’t get my mojo (nor the time) to do it.

Saturday – eleven of us turned up to run for Kate Sanderson and Turia Pitt who were badly burnt by a bushfire when competing in an ultra marathon event in the Kimberleys in the far north of Western Australia. Our fund raising was matched by our employer (up to $1,000) and as we managed to get generous support from numerous kind people we raised $1,110 – with the $ matching we managed to raise $2,110 to assist Kate and Turia with living expenses and ongoing medical costs.

The event was two laps of the famous Melbourne Tan making it a 7.6km event and two runs up Anderson Street (a large hill). I wasn’t feeling that well on the day, but seeing I was running for other people and to raise funds for them, I took part and ran most of the journey (except a couple of walks up Anderson Street) and a much needed toilet break about 2.5kms in. Strange how these events require you to hydrate all the day before and on the morning of the event and you only really need a toilet about 10 minutes before the start!!! Official finishing time for me was 49.21 (lap 1 in 24.37 and lap 2 in 24.44 – although the timer says lap 2 in 24.22 the total time doesn’t add up!!!) My previous best time for a lap of the Tan was 27:23.1 so a huge improvement since February. Thanks to all the supporters who donated money to us and a huge thanks to the other 10 work colleagues who took part, great effort by all.

The next day was “long run” day – so I pumped out a steady 15 kms. Nothing too dramatic to report, except the blister on the BOTTOM of my little toe the size of a golf ball. How on earth can you get a blister that is bigger than your toe??? Experts told me I had to either change sock brands, get some new ones, or change my runners. Now given I’d only recently spent $200 on a new pair of runners, expertly fitted by a podiatrist there was no way I was blaming the footwear. It was the socks. A visit to the local running store and $30 later (yep $30 for 1 pair of socks), I was now Steve Austen “Six Million Dollar Man”. I’d need to be to keep paying for all this stuff.

Tuesday – hill run – spoken about them before, 10 times running up a hill, 10 times walking down a hill. Nothing more to add, except it has been a week for gale force winds in Melbourne, they hurt.

Saturday – another ParkRun and I was feeling okay, I was certain today was the day I would break that 30 minute barrier for the 5 kilometres. Two clicks in and the iPhone was telling me I had 16 seconds up my sleeve, 3 clicks and I had 10 seconds, one kilometre to go and it was touch and go (that bloody wind!!!!), finish line I was 16 seconds slower than my previous personal best and 26 seconds off breaking the 30 minute mark – grrrrr, poor Julie with the stop watch – I was grumpy.

Sunday – new socks got a long run into them, plan was for 18 kilometres and if I was feeling good I’d push out 20. About 4 or so in and I was feeling okay, about 15 in I was done, I kept going to 16.8 and decided the left ankle hurt, the right thigh hurt, my ribs hurt, my shoulders hurt and my mental strength was still going strong but my body was telling me no more. Looks like it is next week for the 20 kilometre run.

I won’t be updating this for another couple of weeks as I’m off for a break so if you’re inspired, keep running, if you’re not, start running. If you’re looking for a charity to support, search the web and find one. On 10 October I will most likely participate in "Zip It" where you are silent for 24 hours on World Mental Health Day to help turn up the volume on mental health issues and raise funds for Black Dog Institute, headspace, Lifeline and Suicide Prevention Australia. How about you join me?

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