Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Three more sleeps until the marathon

Well hasn’t Tasmania been having a horrendous time of it recently? Hottest day since records began, bushfires all over the place with 100’s out of homes and their Big Bash Team needs to win quite handsomely to make the Semi Finals (I know that is not that important but I thought I’d add it to make it a nice three horrible things going on in the Apple Isle). Things are only going to get better for them though as I fly in today with the family to spend a few $, laze around (I’ll call it a taper) and get mentally prepared for my first ever 42km run.

Since my last post (where I’d just finished my last 30km training run) I have officially been in “taper” mode, where you slow things down and stock up the energy for race day itself. My taper has consisted of a few short runs and two longer runs of 15kms and 13kms as well as rice, pasta, wine and cider all to boost those carbs for the energy stores. I know a few others who have been doing yoga, pilates, swimming etc. seriously guys I’m not going to finish top 10 so my arvo naps and green tea will do it for me (we’ll see on Sunday of course)!!!

Last Sunday a group of Parkrunners took part in a scavenger style hunt around the streets of Albert Park and St Kilda, topping it off with breakfast. A great morning was had by all and I can only urge people to get involved in these local events, as there are heaps of friendly people arranging fun events which help your fitness as well as adding smiles to your face. Great effort by the organisers last weekend it was a blast.

Not a lot to report really, I’ll post a few photos of Tasmania if I get a chance, prior to the run but the remainder of my week will be taken up with relaxing times, including a much anticipated visit to the MONA Gallery one of the highlights of any visit to Tasmania. I’ve packed a couple of books as I’ll be reading a lot, and hopefully will be fine to do a little sightseeing on the Monday post run. There are plans to do the 20/20 cricket on the Saturday night as I've never visited Bellerive (so wanting to add that to MCG, SCG, Gabba and WACCA visits) as well as a forest walk of some lazy description (no stupid hiking a day out like I did in Marysville). Kids will be keen to see some convict history and the markets are always popular with tourists on the Saturday morning.

There's quite a few Melbournians heading down for the event on Sunday so there will be a nice support crew to cheer me on - thanks heaps guys. And there are plans to do a Facetime link up with all the participants we know who are competing in Two Bays 56km and 28km events on the same day - good luck to all of them, maybe next year for me.

As part of the run I’m raising funds for the Clown Doctors in Tasmania (If you haven't heard about the Clown Doctors before, check them out at and if you’d like to chip in a few $ my fundraising page is at every little bit helps. A huge thanks to all the supporters so far, whether financial, mental or training, it’s been a great journey and with only a few days to go I’m eagerly awaiting the outcome of my 42km jog/run.

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